The Beauty Of Tri-Tone Kitchens

The Beauty Of Tri-Tone Kitchens Image

At Design A Space, we’ve always worked in a way which ensures that our clients personality really shines through in their kitchen design. We go to enormous lengths to really understand what they want from their kitchen; both in terms of style as well as in a practical sense. 

One of the initial stages of designing a kitchen revolves around colours – at this stage it becomes evident to us what our clients wish to achieve. Some people prefer a single colour which they can accessorise until their heart’s content, whilst others like the beauty of dual tone. 

It is quite rare that a client has three core colours in which they want to base their kitchen around. This can be quite a challenge – it is key that the tones blend well together, so a good level of thought must be given to where best to employ these colours. 

This Schuller kitchen, completed for our client in Hertfordshire, is a great example of how a mix of colours can work so incredibly well together. Sand Grey and Blue Grey combine beautifully on the wall, base and tall units, whilst we opted for Blue Satin on the island. 

Our client didn’t want to stop there; we incorporated wood shelving and niches, as well as the show-stopping copper handles and tap. 

We think your dream kitchen should be about you. Do not shy away from mixing and matching colours and textures – we can help you to ensure that these combine well and, and, ultimately, design a kitchen which is personal to you. 

We offer both German kitchens and British made kitchens, from our suppliers Schuller (and their next125 range) as well as British manufacture Kesseler – the Design A Space team can certainly ensure the kitchen you have been dreaming about becomes a reality. 

Check out the link to the project below for lots of beautiful images: