Small Space? No Problem!

Small Space? No Problem! Image

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our role as Designers is seeing beyond the existing; we’re passionate about finding new ways to utilise space when designing new Kitchens or Bedrooms. This recently completed kitchen project was particularly satisfying for the team. Our client approached us with an interesting brief – they wanted a streamline Schuller kitchen in a small, existing space. From our initial design meeting and site visits, we recognised what the challenge was – the space was small, and we needed to design an ultra-contemporary kitchen and dining space which was practical and stylish with all the mod-cons, but not to overpower the small area we had to work with.

The team needed to look beyond the existing area, which housed a dated kitchen with doors leading to a dining space. It was a typical layout which needed some TLC. Although there were obstacles, the main brief was relatively simple; our client wished for a ultra-contemporary German kitchen. In our Amersham kitchen showroom, we discussed everything that mattered to this growing family. They wanted matt black cabinetry as well as an island. Again, we needed to take a considered approach here, as we did not want to ‘overload’ the space.

As well as the above brief, our client really wanted a separate space for their washing machine and tumble dryer. With this is mind, we created a ‘mini utility room’ within the kitchen. These floor-to-ceiling Schuller cabinetry housed both appliances, as well as the boiler and a myriad of other necessities.

The space was coming together. There was one key area which we felt really needed to be looked at. The existing patio doors were removed and replaced with a much larger, more stylish bi-fold doors. This made a huge difference. The space immediately felt brighter, more spacious and fed into the ultra-contemporary look our client desired.

To further feed in to the contemporary feel of the kitchen, we opted for push-to-open cabinetry which really achieved a truly streamlined look.

By pairing our clients wishes with our creativity, as well asĀ  beautiful Schuller cabinetry, Dekton worktops and a host of appliances, we were able to create an enviable space for cooking, dining and relaxing. A job well done!

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