Utilising our carefully structured design stages, Design A Space provides all property owners with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of a professional Interior Designer, creating a working partnership of creativity!

Our friendly and experienced in house team offer a range of services from interior design, build and project management, to helping our clients design and source bespoke pieces to make their properties unique.

Lighting Design

At Design a Space, we understand the language and technology of lighting. We understand how to use both artificial and natural lighting to best effect within an interior.

We are able to undertake a survey of your existing lighting and produce a revised scheme including a detailed lighting plan with full specification schedule.

As lighting is so important to any space, it should be considered at the start of any project. It is categorized according to function and a successful lighting scheme will always be a mixture of general, task and accent lighting. A considered combination will create a balanced environment and we work carefully, considering the furniture layout, to eliminate unwanted contrast, glare, and shadow.

Upon completion and approval of our proposed lighting plan, we can instruct an electrician to complete the work on your behalf.

Garden Design

Our portfolio of work includes a wide range of garden designs from contemporary roof terraces to large suburban gardens. Our garden designs have clean lines, practical planting, with elegant styling and use of colour and texture.

Just as in our interior designs, we work collaboratively with our clients, listening to their brief, to ensure that their wishes are interpreted correctly in the finished plan. We refer as closely as possible the styling, decoration and colour palette of our clients home so that there is a strong visual connection and synergy between the inside and outside spaces.

We have a small and highly professional group of landscape contractors and horticulturists with whom we work very closely to ensure that the design to completion process runs as smoothly as possible.

Spatial Planning and Design

Our spatial planning and design service involves the taking of more accurate measurements and photographs of your space to assist in the production of detailed plans and layout ideas.

If building work is involved, we are experienced in adapting floor plans from your architect’s drawings or indeed creating our own. Possible floor plans are drawn to scale, either by hand or using our CAD facility when appropriate.

Spatial planning is an important first step in any interior design scheme and should be done at a very early stage in a project. We consider how a room works aesthetically and ergonomically, where focal points will be and other practical matters such as storage. We also consider how a particular area relates to others within your property, making best use of circulation space so that your home has a natural flow from room to room.

Interior Design Consultation

Every element of an interior design scheme is of equal importance, but integral to success is a well taken brief.
The Design A Space team has many years combined experience in formulating complete interior schematics using the very latest innovation in colour and texture. Understanding colour theory and whilst mixing textures and finishes is a sound background for producing our exquisite and timeless interiors.
The team will present their ideas using tactile moodboards, rendered visuals and photographic reference to explain their high level of creativity and up to the minute product knowledge, bringing out the best in your home and making it work hard for you. Paint finishes, fabrics, natural woods and high quality ceramics are included within our extensive library of finishes, waiting to be explored.

Design Fee Structure

Design a Space provide a free-of-charge 90 minute consultation meeting to new clients either in one of our showrooms (in Amersham and Marlow), or at your property if within a 10-mile radius of our showrooms*. During this consultation meeting, the designer and client have a chance to get to know one another, to view the areas involved in your home or business where you anticipate developing the space and to discuss initial ideas, budgets and fee structures applicable to your project.

After the initial meeting and if both parties are interested in moving forward, the first stage design service which Design A Space offers involves a £600 fee**. The brief for this fee commitment and the scope of design work included will be based on the initial 90 minute consultation meeting and will be confirmed within a document, outlining how the 12 hours of designer time included within the £600 fee will be attributed.

Upon receipt of the 50% of the fee, the designated designer will begin work on the project, adhering to the budgets and agreed time constraints. Throughout the process, the client is able to contribute additional thoughts as this is a very fluid process between the two parties and the designer will do their best to incorporate these thoughts whilst expertly guiding the first stage design to an effective conclusion.

The client will then be invited to one of our showrooms for a presentation of the ideas, which may take the form of plans, moodboards, sketches or computer-generated visuals which will be available for the client to take away, on payment of the final 50% of the initial £600 fee.

Should the client wish to proceed to a further stage of the detailed design and specification, an additional fee is payable depending on the complexity of the further work. This may range from an additional hour or two of design work for small alterations to an initial scheme at a rate of £60/hour, or extend to a full-scale design project whereby Design A Space designers design, specify and supply everything within a new scheme, including tradespeople, furniture, floor coverings and accessories.

Design A Space can undertake complete project management for any design and build works and a fee structure for such works can be prepared, on a job-by-job basis, depending on specifics.

*mileage to be charged at the standard rate of 45p per mile beyond a 10-mile radius of the DAS showrooms

**all prices inclusive of VAT