Our client appointed us on a design fee basis and set us a fantastic challenge….to transform a derelict cowshed into a luxurious high end holiday retreat. Working closely with the client and a superb local craftsman builder, we were to create finishes schemes for each room and advise on furniture, bathroom fittings and lighting.


From the very first visit, it was clear that the property had enormous potential and that we would need to carefully balance the creativity with the functionality that rental properties demand.  Planning restrictions kept the tin roof and structural metal beams in place but these were embraced and formed a key part of the design. It was important to maintain a link with the very picturesque positioning of the property, suggesting to us the use of natural materials where possible complemented by the contemporary styling that the discerning clientele would expect. Neutrals were balanced with accent colours, plush furnishings and vintage pieces whilst rusty chains were combined with the clean lines of modular seating and handle free kitchen furniture.