At Design A Space, we always have a variety of kitchen, bedroom and interior design projects happening, as well as frequent updates to our showroom displays. Our news section gives the briefest glimpse of just a few of our current projects which demonstrate what Design A Space can offer its clients.

Making Your Kitchen Work For You

Making Your Kitchen Work For You Image

During an initial consultation with our clients, it quickly becomes apparent how exactly they want their space to work. As Designers, it’s very important for us to not only focus on how a kitchen looks, but we work tirelessly to ensure that, as well as looking beautiful, a kitchen works for our client. As every […]

Kitchen Of The Month – Our next125 Display

Kitchen Of The Month – Our next125 Display Image

For our Kitchen Of The Month for May, we looked a little closer to home than usual. I’ve opted to choose our very own kitchen display, which proudly sits pride of place in our Amersham Kitchen Showroom window. It is of course our stunning Schuller Next125 kitchen. This contemporary German kitchen is awash with personality, […]

The Beauty Of Tri-Tone Kitchens

The Beauty Of Tri-Tone Kitchens Image

At Design A Space, we’ve always worked in a way which ensures that our clients personality really shines through in their kitchen design. We go to enormous lengths to really understand what they want from their kitchen; both in terms of style as well as in a practical sense.  One of the initial stages of […]