Making Your Kitchen Work For You

Making Your Kitchen Work For You Image

During an initial consultation with our clients, it quickly becomes apparent exactly how they want their space to work. As Designers, it’s very important for us to not only focus on how a kitchen looks, but we work tirelessly to ensure that, as well as looking beautiful, a kitchen works for our client. As every family and every space is different, we take the time to understand how our customers envisage their new kitchen.

Do they entertain a lot?

Do they cook often, if so, shall we maximise counter space?

These are just two of the questions we are eager to find out from clients when they visit our Amersham kitchen showroom.

A key consideration, especially for clients looking for a German kitchen, tends to be how they can maintain the straight, clean lines of this style of kitchen.

We find pocket doors to be an excellent choice. Perfect for hiding away items such as toasters, canisters and even the sink!

Larders are also a very useful way to maximise space, especially a row of tall larders, which also feed in to the modern, clean feel of a German kitchen.

You’ll find some excellent examples of pocket doors over on our Portfolio page.

Readers of our news section would have noticed an article a couple of months ago, in which I looked at a modern kitchen in a small space. This was a great example of making the space work for our clients – it was a small, relatively narrow area, and did not have the room for integrated washing machine/tumble dryer, nor had a utility room. We designed a bespoke cabinet within the kitchen which housed these appliances, creating almost a  ‘mini utility room’.

There are truly an abundance of ways which the Design A Space team can help you create a practical kitchen which works for you and your family.

In our Amersham kitchen showroom, we showcase both German kitchens and British kitchens, with Schuller (and their next125 range) on display, as well as British brand Kesseler, which offer both German and British kitchens.

We look forward to discussing your requirements with you!