Our interior design service began as a specialist spatial design service for open plan spaces. We have since evolved and extended our interiors offering to all aspects of residential interior design for all rooms of your home, as well as continuing with our spatial design specialism.


Over the past 10 years, Design A Space has developed an excellent reputation for creating beautiful, liveable interiors. By utilising our carefully structured, tailor-made quotation service, Design A Space provides all homeowners the opportunity to benefit from the experience of a professional designer, without breaking the bank. Firstly, we provide a free-of-charge 90 minute consultation meeting to prospective clients, either in our showroom or at your property, if within a 10-mile radius of our showroom. During this consultation meeting, the designer and client have a chance to get to know one another, to look at our portfolio, and to view the areas where developing the space is required. Initial ideas, budgets and fee structures applicable to your project can begin to be discussed.

Following the initial consultation, by personalising our interiors quotations to our client’s specific needs, we ensure that your new interior scheme for any or every room of your home can be achieved within the scope of a wide range of budgets. Many of our clients purchase a personalised, £600 package to begin, which provides up to 12 hours of designer time, giving scope for your designer to consult, design and present to you, then update a scheme, which you can then facilitate yourself, or you may opt to engage Design A Space to continue developing and facilitating for you. Our friendly and experienced team offer a range of services, including the following:-

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Spatial Planning & Design

Our spatial planning and design service involves creating detailed spatial plans and layout ideas for the most important areas of your home. We frequently work with our clients on looking at options for how to best configure open plan spaces, as well as complete ground floors, but have worked on all rooms and areas of various clients’ homes, including hallways, lofts and even garden buildings. We present several possible spatial layouts which are drawn to scale, using our CAD packages, so that advantages of various ideas can be considered, before determining the best layout option, which sometimes includes ideas from more than one of the options presented.

Spatial planning is an imperative first step in any interior design scheme and should be done at a very early stage in a project. We consider how a room works aesthetically and ergonomically, where focal points will be and also include other practical matters such as key pieces of furniture and storage solutions. We consider how a particular area relates to your family’s lifestyle, and focus on making best use of circulation space so that your home has a natural flow from room to room.

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Lighting Design

At Design a Space, we understand the importance of lighting. We look at how best to use both artificial and natural lighting effectively within any home. We are able to undertake a survey of your existing lighting and produce a revised scheme including a detailed lighting plan with full specification schedule. Or, more frequently these days, we use our clients’ architect’s plans as the basis for creating a lighting scheme which isn’t simply rows of downlights, but a creative mix of general ambient, accent and task lighting, appropriate for the way in which your family will use the space. As lighting is so important to any space, it should be considered at the start of any project. A considered combination will create a balanced environment and we work carefully on considering the furniture layout, to eliminate unwanted contrast, glare, and shadow.