In order to promote a brand and work with a brand, you have to believe in the brand. At Design A Space, we carefully select and stock accessories and products that we truly believe can complete a practical and stylish home and yet also follow our third ethos… affordability.

Ayasofya Rugs

Ayasofya Rugs has a wide range of high quality handmade rugs for every room in your house. Whether you are decorating or working from fresh in a new home, you will find affordable rugs at Ayasofya sold by customer service that is unmatched in the home furnishings industry.

One of the best things about Ayasofya Rugs is that home visits can be arranged for you to trial the rugs next to your other home furnishings, ensuring that you can pick the rug that is perfect for your home. Should you change your mind, your rugs can also be returned or exchanged for two weeks after purchase. Cleaning and restoration services are also offered to very high standard.