In order to promote a brand and work with a brand, you have to believe in the brand. At Design A Space, we carefully select and stock accessories and products that we truly believe can complete a practical and stylish home and yet also follow our third ethos… affordability.


AromaWorks began in earnest in the summer of 2009 after 2 years of product design and development with the launch of our first signature range of Aromatherapy candles. Since then the growth has been phenomenal with worldwide demand met by our UK manufacturing centre. Our products have been painstakingly developed over decades of development by the founder and millions of years of evolution by Nature herself.

Using only the finest natural ingredients our aim is to deliver the full therapeutic benefits of 100% pure essential oils to the home offering a fully natural alternative. We will always endeavour to ethically source our products from renewable natural environments using the finest ingredients nature has to offer. In all cases our products will be free from harmful unnatural chemicals and pesticides and we guarantee none of our products or ingredients will ever be tested on any animals or living creatures.

We have developed our formulations with three essential criteria; safe and natural products packed with BioActive ingredients. These BioActives work on a molecular level to improve the overall appearance of the skin, in perfect Bioactive Symbiosis.

Our range links nature’s finest 100% Pure essential oils and Botanical extracts with qualified scientific research and development, safe for you and for our environment. Our products have undergone extensive stability and microbiological testing, exceeding all UK and EU safety requirements, and our advanced production techniques and blending ensures our ingredients naturally yet effectively improve and enhance your particular skin type.