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Redefine Your Daily Routine With Siemens Home Connect!

For regular viewers of our News section and Social Media posts, you’ll know by now that we at DAS love our gadgets and gizmos, so we’re very excited about Home Connect by Siemens. Smart Home technology has been steadily building momentum over recent years, and now the most important room in the house – the kitchen – can benefit from using such technology. The possibilities are truly endless and, by choosing Siemens appliances with Home Connect, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. So, what exactly can this technology do, and how can it help you? Below we take a look at some of the most exciting ways it can make your life that little bit easier …


Cooking – The most important aspect of any kitchen. With Home Connect, cooking gets easier and tastier than ever. Found a recipe you like on the Home Connect App? You can easily transfer the settings directly to your oven, taking away the need to guess at the temperature and cooking time. As well as this, there’s an abundance of other ways to make both cooking and entertainment even more enjoyable . From mood lighting on your cooker hood to remotely checking whether you turned the hob off, you’ll find an incredible amount of features when using Home Connect technology.


Coffee – We’re coffee addicts here at DAS so this is particularly exciting. Right from your phone, you can explore coffees from all around the world and send your choice to your coffee machine and you’ll have a steaming hot coffee within minutes. Having guests over? There’s no need to try and remember everyone coffee requirements – after all, there’s a fair few varieties to try and remember! With Home Connect, you can create a ‘coffee playlist’ and send it direct to the machine, which will then prepare your guests’ coffees, one after another. We are so excited to try this, and we’re sure many of our clients will view this high-tech coffee machine as essential to their kitchen project. This technology is always growing and we are really excited to share with you new products and technologies…we’re sure you’ll love this tech as much as our team does!


Stay tuned for the possibility of some exciting additions to the our Showrooms….

It’s All About The Roof This Week!

Our Greenacres project is getting to an exciting stage now. The roof has been insulated and the tiles and windows are in. The whole project is coming together and we hope we can get going with the internals very soon!

Focus On … Neff Slide & Hide Oven

We’re pleased to be a Neff ‘Master Partner’ which ensures that we’re always at the cutting-edge of cooking technology. A big addition to the Neff family is the popular Slide & Hide oven. It truly is a one-of-a-kind piece of kit; it’s space-saving capabilities are a huge draw for our clients. The door simply slides into the cavity, allowing you to easily access your food whilst in the oven. The Slide & Hide truly is an iconic bit of kit, and it is only getting better…selected models are now complete with 4D Circotherm, delivering brilliant heat distribution and allowing you to make FOUR dishes at different temperatures, all in the same oven. Pop in to our Amersham or Marlow showroom and have a chat with our Designers about how these Ovens can be of huge advantage in your kitchen refurb project. Check out our Neffs’ dedicated page to the Slide & Hide on their website via the link below!