Focus On…Smart Tech In Your Kitchen

Focus On…Smart Tech In Your Kitchen Image

We’re blessed to be in an age where technology keeps improving, and manufacturers are always finding ways to improve the end users lives. We at Design A Space like to design our kitchens with this in mind, and always learn from our client about their habits in their kitchen, and discuss what technology we can implement in their project. Kitchen appliances have come in leaps and bounds in terms of ‘smart tech’ and are a key consideration out clients have when choosing which appliances to opt for. The BSH Group (Bosch, Neff & Siemens) all offer an array of excellent Smart appliances.

We’re pleased to say that, in our showroom, we have two Siemens ‘StudioLine’ ovens. These ovens are far from just ‘smart’ – they offer industry leading temperature controls to ensure whatever you have cooking will be cooked to perfection. Furthermore, the new, second generation StudioLine range comes in a stunning Black finish, which works wonderfully well with the sleek, German kitchens many of our clients opt for.

These Wifi enabled ovens work with the ‘Home Connect’ technology, and can pair with a host of technology, such as Amazon Alexa. Furthermore, due to its connect to ‘the internet of things’ you can put your mind at rest by checking that the hob is off from anywhere in the world!

This revolutionary technology is very much here to stay. We’d be delighted to show you what smart tech we have at the showroom, and how these could greatly benefit your time in the kitchen. We can discuss everything from wireless charging points in your island to voice controlled coffee machines…whatever tech floats your boat, we’d be happy to create a practical, future-proof kitchen with technology at the forefront of our designs.